August 2014

Nine PillarCarbon + Reynolds Cycling

by editors on August 29, 2014


Industry Nine’s new PillarCarbon mountain bike wheels will feature rims manufactured by Reynolds Cycling.

“We evaluated everything we have learned about rim performance, made improvements wherever possible and then put the wheels to test in the Pisgah National Forest, the ultimate proving ground for mountain bike equipment,” said Jacob McGahey, Industry Nine director of operations. “And with over 25 years of composites experience, Reynolds possesses the resources, experience, technology and manufacturing ability to build rims that complement Industry Nine’s quality hubs and spokes.”

The PillarCarbon series features four new wheel models — “the Ultralite Carbon 24H 29, Trail Carbon 29, Trail Carbon 24H 27.5 and Enduro Carbon 27.5—for which Reynolds produced rims with hookless rim channel design, optimized inner rim widths and directional rim stiffness around Industry Nine Torch series hubs and spokes.”

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Incase Has Your GoPro Covered

by editors on August 21, 2014

Incase Gopro

Those who’ve actually used the GoPro camera that their mom’s got them last Christmas know what a nightmare it can be keeping all the pieces together. There’s the cords, the cases, the mounts. Never having the right piece was enough to make us mothball our camera for weeks at a time. But incase has a solution with their new Mono Kit.

The Mono Kit, an innovative silicone travel case that serves as a protective container for one GoPro® camera as well as batteries and accessories; the Dual Kit, which holds two GoPro® cameras and the Accessory Cartridge, the ideal travel bag for camera cords, batteries, mounts, housings and back doors.

Hear that mom? If you bought the camera, looks like you’re going to need to buy the case as well. They go on sale at Best Buy and on August 31, 2014. For the official word from incase, follow the jump. [click to continue…]