November 2013

Benny Zenga’s Tall Bike Joyride

by editors on November 18, 2013

We catch ourselves looking down on other people nearly every time we ride our bikes, but Benny Zenga really is looking down on everyone from such great heights.


10th Annual Tour de Tryptophan

by editors on November 15, 2013

Tourdetrypto LogoUPDATE: Due to rain, this ride has been moved to Saturday, November 30, 2013. The 24 hours will now begin at Noon Saturday.

Southern California mountain bikers who over stuff on Thanksgiving Day will get a change to burn it all off on Friday, November 29, 2013 as the 10th Annual Tour de Tryptophan sends riders around the world famous 11.5 mile Fullerton Loop for a 24 hour endurance ride to raise money for BMX legend Eddy King.

Burn off your turkey, have some fun, and raise some funds for a friend this Thanksgiving Weekend at the 10th Annual Tour de Tryptophan. This years fun ride benefits BMX Superstar Eddy King, who suffered spinal injuries last month while riding Snow Summit’s new mountain bike park. . . . The Fullerton Loop is an 11.5 mile suburban mountain bike ride that links abandoned railways with horse trails, through neighborhoods and parks, with “extra credit” singletrack sections throughout… Mountain Bike legend Richard Cunningham mapped the loop out when he started Mantis Mountain Bikes in the early 80’s. Now thousands of people ride it weekly for training and fun…

Eddy King suffered spinal injuries in October 2013 while riding the Snow Summit mountain bike park and the proceeds from this ride are going to help him out. The ride costs $40 and comes with a T-shirt. Organizers are quick to point out that you in no way have to ride for 24 hours, in fact all participants are welcome whether they ride one lap or 10. For the Stravanators in the family, the record is currently held by Jim Cooke with 18 laps (207 miles) in 24 hours. For all the official details, follow the jump.

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2014 Spy Belgian Waffle Ride April 27

by editors on November 14, 2013

Bwr 2014

Okay. It appears that when we told you to mark your calendars, save the day, and start training for the 2014 running of the Spy Belgian Waffle Ride someone at BWR headquarters didn’t realize that April 20, 2014 was actually Easter Sunday. Not exactly a great day for a 200k+ “Hell Of The North County” race. So, organizers have pushed the event back to April 27, 2014. But it’s still starting at Spy’s World Headquarters in Carlsbad, California.

Be ready for over 10,000 vertical feet of knee blasting climbs, dirt roads, creek crossing, river fording, and bone jarring, frame cracking descents all while winding through San Diego, California’s beautiful, yet perilous North County region. You have been warned. More info as it arrives.


It’s Getting Colder: Time To Suit Up

by editors on November 8, 2013

Coldcycle Open

As much as we hate to admit it, the mornings are getting colder and colder every day. While visitors to Southern California often remark about how we don’t “get the seasons” here, let us tell you we do feel them. That’s why occasionally we have to wear more than our race kits. GrindTV has a great overview of some of the things we all could use when the air begins to chill and the roads get icy.

. . . thanks to advancements in fabric and clothing design, temperature changes don’t automatically mean it’s time to pull out the indoor trainer. Consider adding these seven items to your kit drawer and you’ll be cool weather cycling long after the leaves fall.

Click the link for all the details.

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Yes, Girls On Bikes Are Hot But. . .

by editors on November 6, 2013

While we agree 100 percent with their thesis, we’re not so sure we’re backing The Bailen Brothers musical execution.


Bombing Valparaiso’s Streets With GoPro

by editors on November 4, 2013

Need help figuring out what to do with all those GoPro Hero 3+ cameras you have laying around? This footage of “urban shredders” Chris Van Dine, Aaron Chase, and Brian Lopes pissing all over Valparaiso, Chile would be a great start. Oh, and if any local dogs happen to dodge out in front of you, just run them over. Viva la MTB.